Border Edge Frame


Border, Edge, Frame was part of This Is Now A Magazine curated by Anthony Romero. The work begins with a performative reading that involves planted texts and photographs taken in Viet Nam by my father. But as the the reading progresses the documentarian/photographer slowly reveals her role as the primary performer.

From the press release:
"What was once called art is now called writing. Viewers are now readers. I, not we, am making this declaration based on a series of conversations that I have had with visual artists and performers who think of what they do as a kind of writing. Sculptural writing. Painterly writing. Dance writing. So on. I am now working to make these conversations public. To make a publication of them, a state of being. THIS IS NOW A MAGAZINE is a subscription service, a series of performances and readings to happen at the Comfort Station in Logan Square beginning at 7 pm, June 4, 2013 and continuing once a month until November. All of the artists involved have one foot in the literary field and one in the visual arts. This first event features performances/readings by Brandon Alvendia, Josh Rios, and Laurel Foglia. We hope that you can join us."